STEM & Robotics Workshop
for ages 3-12+
  • At Engino Kolonakiou Store, Limassol

Engino invites young learners to participate in the summer workshops. From Robotics to Music & Arts, participants will have the most special experience to our first ever Engino Summer Workshops. The workshops are facilitated by our Engino STEM experts at the new PLAYSHIP-1 Engino Store in Limassol.

The Location

  • Engino Playship1 , Kolonakiou, Limassol
We’re Engino. We make game-changing STEM educational toys and services that help young learners become creative thinkers. We’re curious, passionate, energetic, and really into engineering and education.

In December 2020, the first Engino concept store opened its doors to educate young learners about STEM and Robotics. Engino Playship1 has a creative and playful environment not only for kids but also for parents, teachers and tech enthusiast.  

Engino maintains the highest hygiene standards and operates safely during COVID-19 according to Cyprus regulations.*

Give your child the unique Engino Experience!

Education is Changing

Skills Development

Skills Development

STEM provides opportunities for skill development by encouraging children age 3 - 12+ to answer questions and engage in science, math, engineering, and technology activities. 
Engino workshops will inspire them to be the Inventors of tomorrow through the wonder of scientific experimentation! 

Importance of STEM & Robotics

In the near future, 25% of jobs will require STEM knowledge, according to studies by US educational institutions. Recognizing the importance of STEM in the labor market, Engino has created dedicated workshops that will set up little learners to future opportunities. 
Importance of STEM & Robotics

Start your child’s STEM journey today!

The Right Age

The programs are developed to support students from Preschool to Middle School.

A Comfortable Schedule

We know how busy you are! So you can choose between multiple times at your FREE discovery session.

Get Recognition

Children get their STEM certificates upon completion of the workshops.
class 4
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class 1
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  • Group of up to 8 Children
  • 90 Minutes per Session
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  • Group of up to 4 Children
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class 3
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  • Private Workshop - 1 on 1
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Kids Learn

Team Work

Children learn to work in groups from a very young age. They communicate, debate, and cooperate.


Children understand simple and complex machines and their operations. This is how they perceive the usefulness of everyday mechanics.


A component of the STEM methodology is problem-solving. Children look for solutions to everyday problems that associate with learned scientific principles.

Introduction to Science

With STEM the introduction to Sciences is done with experiential projects where children actively participate.

Educational robotics

Through educational robotics and coding children learn to build and program robots while staying informed about current technological advancements.

Algorithmic Thinking

Hands-on activities teach children to think algorithmically. Mathematics become attractive, encouraging kids to think and analyze.


Kids learn all there is known of the Astrophysical concepts that form our universe and everything in it.

Arts and Drawing

Through self-expression and the satisfaction of finished artwork, children's skills will develop naturally, and their talent to imagine and create will flourish!

3D Printing & Laser Cutter

3D printing and laser cutting is a great introduction to the digital world. The making of 3D objects fosters children's enthusiasm and encourages collaboration with their peers.

Engino Education Age Groups

The workshops are intended for the specific ages of 3 to 12+ and each program is customized 
to the child individually!

Junior Engineers 3-6

Our Junior Engineers, are just starting to explore their physical world and they are full of curiosity and determination! 

Young Engineers 6-9

Are old enough to tinker with inductive reasoning and can relate a specific experience to a general scientific principle.
Basic experimental activities will provide them the groundwork around STEM disciplines.

Master Engineers 9-12

At this age children develop a more global, integrated, and complex self-image. Succeeding in creating functional models is something that fuels a strong, positive self-image that lasts for a lifetime.

Professional Engineers 12+

Starting from a real-life problem, they will identify constraints, research to gain background knowledge, design their own ideas and use the ENGINO® high-tech parts to develop a prototype to test, evaluate and modify.

The No1 selection by Teachers and Ministries of Education around the world for an encompassing method to teach STEM, and Design & Technology, including Cyprus, UAE, Brazil, USA, Sweden, South Africa and Korea! 

Our STEM Experts

Ms. Eleni Odyseos, a well-rounded STEM expert with a Biology background, born and raised with Engino's methodologies will head the STEM & Robotics workshops.
Mr. Christis Sisamos Engino's lead illustrator full of passion and vision that believes work and creativity do not have limits! A courageous mind that loves blending creativity with experimental methodologies.
Mr. Costas Sisamos the founder of Engino and Mrs. Emily Sisamou our Educational Research Director have been designing and pioneering STEM education since 2004.
Mr. George Kelliris Engino's head of Education will maintain a collaborative and learning inclusive environment, where STEM experts and little learners are empowered to perform!

More than 3 million kids around the world trust the ENGINO system to learn Engineering and Coding

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Is the Engino STEM & Robotics Workshop valuable for my kid?
Engino Robotics Camp achieves to combine education and entertainment in harmony! During  workshops, children will have the opportunity to participate in various educational activities, specifically designed based on the pedagogical principles that STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) has to offer. At the end of each activity, children will
be asked to apply values they have learned through Building Engino Models and Programming Competitions. All this happens through “playing” with the award-winning toy system Engino.
What my child needs to bring with?
Since we offer everything for the kids, the only thing that we recommend to bring with them is some warm clothes.
Where does the Camp take place?
The camp will take place at Rodon Hotel, in Agros.
Do you take all the safety measures?
Engino maintains the highest hygiene standards and operates safely during COVID-19 according to Cyprus regulations.


Engino Customer Testimonials
"10 year old grandson has thoroughly enjoyed this. Well constructed and challenging enough to keep his interest."
- Alexander P.
“Exciting and had awesome hands-on activities!”
"My daughter (almost 😎 attended session 1, at Engino. She had an amazing time.
The team leader was phenomenal with all the kids. Creativity, innovation, improvision, and cultural education was promoted. No time for boredness at Engino!
Highly qualified and rated for spinning around little minds!"
- Alexia Kinni
"We highly recommend the study groups! She is an amazing teacher! My son is excited every time he has a lesson at Engino!"
- Anastasia Strouthou

Our Awards

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Engino does not act as a teaching institution nor has ever claimed to be one.
Engino facilitates children to experience the workshop themes at their own pace along with their family if present. 

* The Engino’s facilities operate under governmental Health & Safety rules as per OHSAS1801 and ISO45001. Maintain fully secure machinery equipment, all in compliance with EN71 standard for Toy Safety. Furthermore, the high level of Engino’s personnel and their extensive technical experience and academic background create a safe environment for the kid to experiment under the wing of skilled STEM Experts. As of 2021, Engino’s enhanced Health and Safety system upgrade its risk minimization measures in compliance with the fight of SARS-CoV-2 spread. Engino’s store/institute/ combine a high level of training and top-notch technological tools for achieving the safest experience in STEM classes.