Terms and conditions (Engino STEM & Robotic Workshops)

1. The right to participate in the Engino STEM & Robotic Workshops organized by ENGINO-NET LIMITED under the name “Engino STEM & Robotic Workshops” is granted to children of age between 5 to 13, upon their parents’ / guardians’ approval and consent. The participants should be healthy, willing to cooperate with the rest of the participants and comply with the rules and instructions of the STEM Experts. Please inform us accordingly if your child has any health issues.

2. The activities that children will take are entertaining and educational. However, in order to avoid accidents, all children should comply with the instructions and advice of their teachers in charge. Otherwise they will be expelled from the Workshop without a refund.

3. The participants are obliged to comply with the rules of the trainers concerning everything related to the schedule and various activities. In case of misbehavior and failure to comply, Trainers can expel a participant. Engino. Net Ltd., as the organizer of Engino STEM & Robotic Workshops, collaborates with experienced and professional Trainers at no case will the trainers or Engino. Net Ltd will be held liable for damages. For your information qualified, certified and suitable equipment is used for any of the activities and the liability is limited to only those.

5. All Prices include VAT.

6. Engino does not offer meals, although kids are welcome to bring their own.

7.Payment can be made online via PayPal, Cards or in our Engino Store at Kolonakiou area, Limassol.

8. You are informed that in the various activities organized by Engino®, photographic and video material is captured, which is used for better communication of the work produced during our workshop with the ultimate goal of better promotion of the innovative and award-winning products we manufacture both in Cyprus, as well as abroad. A relevant parental consent statement will be requested. Because of the difficulty of separating children during the activities, if there is a parent/guardian that doesn’t consent then the application will not be valid.

9. Cancellation policy: If during the registration period, the available slots are filled, or the company has deemed necessary the cancelation of a slot, the total amount paid will be refunded. In the event of a cancellation after the deadline or due to the participant being expelled due to non-compliance, the full amount will be retained.

If nonparticipation is decided after registration and payment, then 75% of the payment will be refunded if the company is informed 5 days prior to the weekly workshop you’ve booked. Otherwise, the full amount of the payment will be retained.
10. The trainers of Engino Workshop have the right to not allow any of the workshop participants to get involved with one or more of the workshop activities if he/she shows a dangerous conduct for themselves or others. Let it be stated that this is not a reason for any form of compensation or refund.

11. Our Store/Workshop is covered by General Liability insurance. This insurance does not cover loss or damages of personal items (clothes or other). Damages’’ expenses to the facilities or equipment resulting from participant’s dangerous behavior will be borne by those responsible.

12. The use of mobile phones is allowed only for communication reasons between the children and their parents/guardians. For emergency calls, you can contact the Workshop Trainers or the store at 25821960.

13. Parents/Guardians friends can visit their children during the Engino  Workshop only if it's necessary. For security reasons and for keeping up with the schedule, visits can not take place.

14. For any questions, information or clarifications you may call at 25821960 (main offices and factory of Engino) or at 25584638 (Engino store) or send an email at activities@engino.net.

15. In case the Engino Workshop is cancelled, the full amount will be refunded.